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Project Management 2: Team Work

Consolidating a team is a delicate operation where everyone uses their strengths and puts them at the service of the team.

Participants, whether team managers or team members, learn to justify and structure their team. They develop the skills essential relationships to thrive within a team Efficient.  This 4-day course is aimed at any decision-maker, team manager, team member or any other professional involved in planning, organizing and/or follow-up with a team. This course does not have any academic and/or professional per-requisits.

Length of course: Business course: 4 days, in two sessions of two (2) days each.

Learning Goals:
Team justification

  • Identifying the Company’s mission
  • Define the team’s mandate
  • Define team and individual goals

Design a team plan

  • Define roles, responsibilities and procedures within the team
  • Set individual goals
  • Apply effective follow-up mechanisms

Developing relationship skills

  • Facilitate communication
  • Manage conflicts and negotiation processes
  • Initiate and manage change