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Project Management 1: Managing by projects and results

Projects delivered on time, in budgets, to the satisfaction of the customer: A myth?

In this comprehensive training, you will learn to manage and master all the issues that come with a project. You will be able to efficiently build a practical plan all the while understanding the ins and outs of good management of your project ensuring a successful delivery. You will learn concrete and effective methods to:

  1. Finish on time
  2. Stay within budget
  3. Deliver with agreed-upon features 
  4. Reach justified business objectives
  5. Satisfy your customer
  6. Meet management’s requirements
  7. Maintain your teams cohesion and adherence to professionalism
  8. Validate positively your assessment

The first part of this training will be devoted to the review of project management concepts.
The second part is practical and will focus on how to act concretely in the face of the challenges and challenges you face and will face. Learning goals:

  1. Design a practical and realistic project plan
  2. Make estimates and manage change
  3. Manage risks and outstanding issues
  4. Obtain and enforce commitments
  5. Organize your projects
  6. Facilitate communication between different units involved in the project
  7. Coordinate professionals from different units and ensure their success.