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Our consultants integrate into your organization and work working with your employees to ensure your projects are carried ou
t. Some examples of our successes 

  • Planning resulting in a number of specific projects for organizations in technology, telecommunications and for financial institutions.
  • Setting up the process and the project management for organizations in technology, technology, technology and technology telecommunications and financial institutions. Assistance to implementation and management of project offices.
  • The management of a project to establish a 250 Million wireless telecommunications network in Western Europe.
  • Training, coaching and assistance in setting up a national wireless telecommunications network in Romania.
  • $40 million worth of IT projects delivered for a telecommunications leader.
  • Computerization of bank consolidations, by customer, for a major Canadian bank.
  • Recovery of a $80 million project in trouble for the construction of rail cars in Europe.
  • Audit and application of the FGT approach in project management for an international telecommunications company.
  • Implementation of project management at a refinery in Quebec.
  • Planning strategic strategy, and implementation of project management and preparation privatization of major airports.


Designed as a complement to the Training and as a prelude to Consultation, Coaching allows our clients to integrate, practice and successfully apply the newly acquired knowledge their work.

we let us define, together with the professional and his superiors, the objectives of mission to be accomplished in order to ensure practical applicati

on. Leaning over a wealth of experience, our consultants are able to guide the clients, within a variety of domains and sectors, in their process of reflection, execution and final evaluation.

in other words in the form of coaching sessions, meetings, conversations telephone calls, e-mail exchanges, or one-on-ones in the middle of the FGT accompanies you throughout the process until the process your project. By coaching, we can also act observer status at meetings and then propose practical recommendations to improve your results.